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Dave Chiu     Designer of interactions & services

Instead of the standard solutions-oriented, sustainable-minded, service-focused, interaction-designing, systems-thinking blah blah, let’s get to the point:

I am an interaction designer who focuses on the design of services.

Although this means that most people have no idea what I do, I learn how people interact with systems and design services and experiences that meet their needs and desires.

That’s right, I don’t claim to know what people want or even what the best solution in every situation is. But I watch, listen, and learn from what people really do (which might be different from what they say they do), and use these insights to design compelling services and interactions.

To achieve sustainable results, I keep an eye on the big picture at all times, but I’m also creative, detail-oriented, curious, tech-savvy, systems-thinking, people-focused, and I sweat the small stuff.

I could go on, and tell you all about my design process, values, approach, thinking, and a whole lot more, but I’ll let my work speak for me.