A seven-week Service Design project
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Haiyan Zhang
IDII Faculty
Simona Maschi, Neil Churcher — Associate Professors
Visiting Faculty
Jennie Winhall, Chris Vanstone, Design Council, London
Mark Jones, Director of User Experience, IDEO, Chicago
Lavrans Løvlie, live|work, London
Mark Delaney, Plan, London
Christine Truc Modica, Design Strategy Lab, France
Course Site
The Service Design course web site
Project Site
Fresh Start
“Helping friends transition into healthy lifestyles through shared cooking”

Fresh Start is a service design project that encourages healthy eating habits as a long-term approach to preventing obesity

We explored the shared experience of cooking and based design decisions on user insights gained from multiple experience prototypes.

Project Details

Extensive documentation of Fresh Start is available at

Experience prototypes     While developing Fresh Start, we made extensive use of experience prototypes to gain insight into user behavior and discover opportunities for design solutions.

Experience prototyping is a new design process methodology that enables prototyping of services and other intangible experiences. Successful experience prototypes typically prototype a service as if it existed and utilize user feedback to further refine the service experience.

Project collateral     In preparation for the Emergence 2006 Service Design conference, I created the website, the Fresh Start poster exhibited at the conference, and the Fresh Start kiosk which supplemented the poster with videos of experience prototypes.

I collaborated with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino on the design and layout of the website and poster.