School project
Stereo Lithographic Apparatus (SLA)
Wind-Power Generator
Reverse engineering & the short-comings of rapid prototyping

I created a 3D model and animation of a wind-power generator and designed and tested new blade prototypes.

Project Details

Design, fabrication, & testing     I reverse engineered a wind-power generator, created a 3D model in AutoCAD, and animated the model using 3D studio.

I also designed new blades in AutoCAD, created several prototypes with a Stereo Lithographic Apparatus (SLA), and tested the prototypes in a wind tunnel.

After gathering test data, I revised my prototype design and created several new blade models with the SLA.

Observation     A shortcoming of SLA prototypes is that they are useful for analyzing form, but other attributes, such as material weight, cannot be accurately modeled.